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Trekking at Dharamsala

Walking is supposedly the best exercise that one can offer to the human body. Perhaps this is one of the many reasons that tourists from different parts of the world indulge in trekking expedition throughout the year. Undoubtedly, the Himalayas are one of the best mountain ranges that not only provide necessary exertion to the body but also the thrill and serenity that one expects from the nature.

Dharamsala, a beautiful city perched on the upper valleys of Kangra has been known to trekkers for many years. The tourist guides and travel agents organize trekking adventures every year and in suitable seasons. Autumn and spring are the best seasons in which a number of tourists undertake trekking through the Kangra valley, forests and above the Dhauladhar range.

Trekkers at Dharamsala

There are a number of trekking expeditions that are organized by different agents every year. Some of the interesting trek routes are listed hereunder. The tourist must choose one of the trekking adventures according to his/her abilities. The most interesting fact about trekking from Dharamsala is that both difficult and easier trekking expeditions are organized. Some of these may demand more physical endurance than the rest.

Dharamsala to Bhagsu Nag

The trekkers who want to visit Bhagsunag waterfall and Bhagsunag temple do not have to walk much. It is good exercise for all kinds of tourists. The tour is only about 2 kilometers from McLeod Ganj. The roads that are accessible to cars will reach one up to the start of the temple where the water is designed to fall into a small pool for visitors. From this point one can trek until the view point. From this destination a further walk of 3 kilometers will take the trekkers to Dharamkot.

Dharamsala to Chamba Valley

The trek to Chamba valley is longer and more hectic than any other shorter trek arranged at Dharamsala. The treks start at McLeod Ganj after an early morning breakfast. Packed lunch is necessary in this trekking expedition. The trek reaches Inderhara pass after acending a steep slope of 300-400 meters. Descend from the pass to Chatru Parao and rest for the night.

Trekking at Dharamsala

The next day trekkers start from Chatru Parao to reach Kuarsi which is situated about 15 kilometers and an elevation of 2747 meters. This trail follows the valley paths for few kilometers to reach a snow bridge. Then the trail ascends to a meadow which is situated after a steep slope. ascends and descends in this trail reaches trekkers to Kuarsi.

Trekkers travel about 3-4 kilometers descending the slopes into the valley. A descend through barley fields will reach the trekkers to Machetar from where they are driven down to Chamba for a night stay.

Other trekking trails that lead one to Chamba from Dharamshala are:
  • Toral Pass (4575m)
  • Across Bhimghasutri Pass (4580m)
  • Dharamshala—Bleni Pass (3710m)

Dharamsala to Inderhara Pass

The trekking adventure of this expedition starts from Mcleod Ganj and halts at Triund on the first day. The next day the trekkers starts acsending to Laka Got which is a temporary shepherd camp. There is a small glacier here from where the ice melts during the summer season and provides water to Dharamsala city. A 2 kilometer acsent from this place will reach the trekkers to Lahes caves for night halt.

The next day starts early in the morning since the weather at such altitude starts to get bad during the afternoon. Mostly during the spring season this trail is filled with snow and trekkers require equipments suitable to walk over snow. The trail leads to Inderhara pass. Trekkers require three hours to to cross the pass and another three hours to come down. The trekkers are required to come down to Laka Got for another night stay.

The trekking adventure starts to end by descending from Laka Got the next day. It is about 15 kilometers from Laka Got to McLeod Ganj.

Dharamsala to Kareri Lake

Kareri lake is one of the famous trekking spots in Dharamsala. The trek starts from McLeod Ganj and passes through pine forests. On the way one visits several tribal villages. Kareri village is also a tribal village of the tribe Gaddi. Overnight halt at Kareri village. Next day the trek starts from Kareri village and ascends along the steep slope of Kareri Nullah Stream. The trekker will be able to cross the stream over wooden bridges and reach Kareri Lake. The descent from this spot touches all points that was met during the ascend. The trek ends back at McLeodganj.

Dharamsala to Triund

This trekking adventure starts from McLeod Ganj after early breakfast. The walk is very leisurely and comforting especially since the trekkers pass through the mixed forest of oak, rhododendron and deodar trees. The trail is very prominent since most people visiting Dharamsala go on the one day hike for fun. The ascend is steep and takes about 45 minutes to reach Triund. Since this trail is popular among tourists hence there are many refreshment shops on the way where one can buy tea and other refreshments.

The best part of undertaking this journey is that Triund is an alpine meadow and provides a fine view of Dhauladhar on one side and Kangra Valley on the other side. The trekking tours are generally done via Bhagsu Nag Temple and the waterfall attached to it.

Dharamsala to IlaqaGote

Ilaqa Gote is a place from where the snow line starts at Dharamsala during summers. A trekking adventure to this scenic place will definitely take breathe away. The trek starts at McLeod Ganj and reaches Guna Devi on the first day. The trek crosses through rhododendron forests, hand-tilled fields and tribal villages. After reaching the temple of Guna Devi and Kali the trek halts for the night.

The next day starts with light breakfast inb the morning. The walk heads towards the meadows of the north which are bordered with rhododendron trees. In spring this trek becomes more colorful due to the presence of thee trees. The trek is supposed to reach Jari Gote via Kanjrala on this day. The village Jari Gote is located at the base of Bhimaghasutri Pass.

The next day one starts early morning and walks about 7 kilometers to reach Ilaqa Gote. Here the trekkers can find beautiful scenic pictures of snow capped mountains.

The next day a descend through Triund starts early in the morning. After halting at Triund at night the trekkers come down to McLeod Ganj the next day.

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