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Shopping at Dharamsala

Each city in the world has its own characteristics and a culture that influences the lifestyle of people living there. These features and factors are directly observed within the products available in the shops and markets of the city. People while travelling through the length and breadth of a particular place generally locate a particular product that might remain as a memoire of the visit.

Memoires to Buyat Dharamsala

Hence shopping becomes one of the must-do things while roaming in a city. Dharamsala, is a unique blend of different cultures. Its history, geography and political fields have rendered it a good and exclusive stand amongst many cities in India. The place is naturally very beautiful with the Kangra valley at one side and the snow-capped mountain range of Dhauladhar at another side. It offers the religious relief for many religions including Hindu, Chistian, Muslims and Buddhists. People come from different corners of the world to seek the blessings of His Holiness The Dalai Lama. The city has been famous for its Yoga training centers and the Tibetan medicine that the Buddhists have brought down from Tibet.

It is expected that such cultural blend can produce a huge lot of attractive products. There are certain things which Dharamsala offers to the people and are available in its markets and shops. Tourists also love to see different things of interest within the shops.

shopping at Dharamsala

All kinds of tourists and people who stay in this city have one thing in common. The knack to enjoy various products that are available in the markets and shops is something that binds them together. The city also being perched on the steep slopes of the Kangra valley does not offer many bazaars or marketing complexes. There are a few which are visited by tourists and citizens alike for the required products and staffs.

The city does not offer the culture of malls within its vicinity. Hence people who are accustomed to buy various things and products at a place will have to search the shops and bazaars for the required substance. For tourists who have the affinity to buy that special something can look for the following things at the local bazaars listed below.

Kotwaali Bazaar at Dharamsala

This is a local market that has been filled with small permanent shops to street shops. The vendors generally keep products that are required by the local people of Dharamsala. The bazaar is situated in Lower Dharamsala where most people come for offices and regular shopping.

Local Bazaar Dharamsala

However exotic sculptures are also available amongst the regular products within the street shops and local shops in this bazaar. The tourist must look for Tibetan rugs and carpets at Kotwaali Bazaar at Dharamsala.

Jogiwara Road in Dharamsala

This road is not actually a marketing hub but the road is filled with stalls and street shops. Thus the road has itself turned into a shopping arcade in Dharamsala. Lots of things are available at this place especially Tibetan thing. One must not forget to look for woolen shawls in this road.

McLeod Ganj Central Square in Dharamsala

This square is also a shopping spot but not a markting complex. Local street shops make the place dazzle with different things which can be bought as gift and memoire by the tourists. The most interesting thing about this square is that it is famous for having Nowrojee and Sons, the oldest shop within the city. In fact it was the only shop that was founded in 1860 within that area. Wooden carvings and handicrafts are must buys from here. The special thing that one must buy from McLeod Ganj Central Square is Thangka tapestry paintings.

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    Kanji from Okada 1113 Days ago

    Hello nice people in Dharamsala!I'm looking for Tibetan Monks Robes, as Dalai Lama,I know that you have a shop at Jogibara Road near Bazaar Please inform me about their e mail adress.Thanks in forward.

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