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Health in Dharamsala

Health is one of the most important factors in the life of a human society. Without proper and healthy treatment services provided to a particular community or society, it is not possible to dwell. Fortunately enough, most cities in India have modern health service facilities. Doctors, hospitals, diagnostic centers, health resorts and pharmaceutical stores contribute to proper management of health.

Health Resort at Dharamsala

Dharamsala is one of the cities in Himachal Pradesh that is self-sufficient in the matter of health. From allopathic treatment to Ayurvedic hospitals, one can find all kind of treatment options here. People from long distances travel to Dharamsala in order to escape the pollution and dust prevalent in the air of cities. The serene air and clean surroundings provide a better environment for all people to invigorate their health in Dharamsala.

Apart from that the city has important medical colleges and hospitals. There are separate clinics for dental and oral care. The citizens of the city can also indulge in treatments that are provided by the Homeopathic medicine treatments and Ayurveda treatments.

Hospitals in Dharamsala

Like many other modern cities in India, Dharamsala also provides health care facilities in its hospitals. Both government and private hospitals are operational in this city. Doctors are trained to operate for various surgical requirements. Some of the good operation Theaters are available in the hospitals of Dharamsala.

Hospital at Dharamsala

These hospitals also have the facilities for outdoor check-ups. Radiology department and pathological departments prevalent in these hospitals help to diagnose and provide the correct treatment to patients. The medical colleges in this city provide opportunity for young students to learn the intricacies of medical field.

Doctors in Dharamsala

The hospitals have trained and experienced doctors to serve the patients in Dharamsala. However, apart from that the city also provides the facility of visiting doctors who have private chambers and clinics across the city. These doctors have been practicing over different medical fields like gynecology, orthopedic, surgery, eye, ENT and oncology.

The doctors at Dharamsala are attached to various hospitals and clinics. For surgery and admission they recommend different hospitals for patients.

Dental Clinics in Dharamsala

For good health oral hygiene and maintenance of good teeth is also necessary. Gum problems and teeth aches cause sleepless nights. Dentists are the only doctors who help at such moments. Dharamsala has many dentists who have either opened chambers of their own or are attached to hospitals with dental care facilities.

Bothe Upper and Lower Dharamsala has dental clinics. Many Ayurvedic medicines are also used by these dentists to cure oral problems like bleeding gums, boils, tooth ache and swollen gums. They also recommend toothpastes that are most suitable for their patients.

Ayurvedic Treatment in Dharamsala

It is said that the herbs available on Himalays are best for manufacturing medicines in Ayurveda. With the number of other contribution to the vast knowledge prevalent in this world, the medical treatment of Ayurveda was one. Centuries ago this treatment method was used by sages and educated lot in India for cure to many ailments.

Even today, some ailments are better treated by Ayurveda than the modern medical theories. Dharamsala has some of the best Ayurvedic clinics and hospitals. These hospitals have internship facilities and provide diploma in Ayurvedic medicine to students. Treatment by herbs and natural medicine is in vogue at these clinics and hospitals in Dharamsala. Read More Here.

Homeopathic Clinics in Dharamsala

The small white balls treated with drops of medicine can do wonders for many diseases. Practiced and advised by BHMS doctors, Dharamsala provides the facility to visit homeopathy doctors. Many diseases in which allopathic medicines create side-effects are treated without any harmful result in homeopathy. Some prefer to go for Homeopathic treatment better than any other medicinal methodology.

There are a few homeopathy clinics in Dharamsala that are listed below.

Dr. Aatmn
Address: Soul Mind Café
Above Supermarket,
Dal Lake,
Upper Dharamshala, Kangra
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Dr Lobsang Dolma Clinic
Address: Mcleodganj,
Dharamshala - 176219
Phone Number: +(91)-1892-221668

Yoga in Dharamsala

The beautiful city of Dharamsala has much more to offer on the grounds of health than any other city in India. Perched on the sloped of Upper Kangra valley, the city provides ideal location for the practice of Yoga. Yogasanas are again the healthy exercises that were adopted by the sages of India a lot of years ago. Even today, these asanas give relief to the physical body, mind and spiritual existence. Many come to learn Yogasanas from various countries around the world in Dharamsala. Know about the Yoga Classes here.

Tibetan Medicine in Dharamsala

Tibetan Medicine

Not only does the city provide on with the options available elsewhere in the country, but also with the special treatment that has been imported from the neighboring Tibet. With The Dalai Lama the treatment methodology followed there has also traversed to India and is present in Dharamsala. The Tibetan medicine help to get rid of many kinds of diseases including some of the cancers.

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