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Food in Dharamsala

Dharamsala enjoys the unique characterization of being the seat for exiled His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Prize winner of 1989. Along with this the city also offers spiritual rehabilitation, natural and scenic beauty as well as adventurous opportunities to tourists bound to its land from all over the world. Being such an important tourist destination, the city also brings the blend of various cultures within itself. One of the aspect that actually mixes various institutions and customs of the world is food.

Food in Dharamsala

Food at Dharamsala is as vibrant as is its culture and the attractions that draw such huge crowd to the state. Entertaining the taste buds can be very interesting within the various restaurants in the city. It is more fun especially when one gets to taste the authenticated Tibetan food in restaurants and street shops in Dharamsala. Nonetheless, since the place is flocked by different people from different corners of the world, there is no dearth of preparation of other tasty and special dishes from most cuisines available today.

The restaurants at Dharamsala have been known for their uniqueness. The number is almost unaccountable but mention to a few is absolutely essential in the context of delicious food at Dharamsala. The best part about visiting these restaurants is that they not only serve food but also play music from various continents only for their customers. Tourists must try these restaurants while traveling through the length and breadth of this city. Snow Lion Restaurant, Nick's Italian Kitchen, Rewa Café, Taste of India and Le Vrai café are amongst the few that acquires the right for special mention. Japanese is best at Lung-Ta restaurant in Dharamsala.

Tibetan Cuisine in Dharamsala

Hot and tasty soups instantly come to the mind when Tibetan cuisine is mentioned. Steaming hot momos and Thupkas are the favorites for tourists who try Tibetan dishes in Dharamsala. In fact, everyone must try the authentic Tibetan dish in Dharamsala without which the tour literally remains unfulfilled. There are many restaurants, especially in McLeod Ganj, that serve the special Tibetan dishes to tourists.

Khana Nirvana and Himalaya restaurant in Dharamsala are known for their tasty Tibetan specialties at an affordable price. Delicious Yak butter tea has been a specialty of the Tibetans and is available at Lhamo’s Croissant in the city.

Multi-cuisine Restaurants at Dharamsala

As mentioned earlier, the city of Dharamsala is a haven for various tourists from different countries, race, and religion. Providing food for such a diverse crowd at the same place is not possible without establishing multi-cuisine restaurants. The city gives an opportunity to visit some of the finest and best restaurants in India that serve multiple dishes. Tourists who are interested in tasting different flavors can always visit one of the multi-cuisine restaurants in Dharamsala and order ala carte of Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan, European, American and Indian dishes.

Multicuisine at Dharamsala

Fast Food Restaurants at Dharamsala

Tasty Muesli or fresh pan pizza, all are available at Dharamsala for reasonable rates. Cakes, pastries, burgers, and fries are those special tips to the tongue that any hill station visitor demands while trekking, hiking or simply enjoying the scenic mountains. JJI’s Café, Lhamo’s Croissant, Nick’s Italian, Momo Café are some good fast food restaurants at reasonable price in Dharamsala.

Fast Food

Indian Restaurants at Dharamsala

Indian Food at Dharamsala

Being a part of India, Dharamsala naturally provides the option to taste great Indian food. The popularity of Indian restaurants has been immense since a long time. The dishes are preferred by vast number of Indian tourists for obvious reasons while at the same time they are popular within international tourists. The spicy and tangy taste that Indian Masala dishes provide are unmatchable to any other preparation found in the world. Dharamsala is an ideal place to taste the delicacies since most Indian dishes (from every popular Indian cuisines) are prepared to provide delight to the taste buds. Taste of India is an apt restaurant for enjoying Indian food at Dharamsala at a slightly higher rate.

Coffee Shops at Dharamsala

Sipping hot coffee can be great at any time and any place. However, if the same is added with the beautiful scenic sketch of the Dhauladhars or the tea gardens literally hanging on the slopes of the Kangra valley, the experience remains embedded forever in one’s mind. To complement this great experience Dharamsala has established some great cafes and coffee shops across the city. Some of these coffee shops maintain the European standards and also serve cakes and pastries to the customers.

Different types of preparation of coffee are available in the cafes of Dharamsala. The shop owners acknowledge the demand for different preparations owing to the diversity of nationalities of people visiting them. The cost of a cup may differ from café to café in Dharamsala since some of these cafes also charge service charges for maintenance and ambiance provided.

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